4 Ct Zultanite® .05 Ct. Diamond Ring 14k Solid Gold Rare Natural Sz 7 BR08647

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This listing is for a stunning Zultanite® & Diamond Ring set in 14k solid gold. It features a rare, natural, ethically mined and color changing Zultanite that measures 10x8mm in a radiant cut that weighs 4 carats. The gorgeous gem is accented with 8 natural diamonds in a wide band type of setting. The combined weight of the Diamonds is .05 cttw. The setting measures 10mm at the shoulders and tapers down at the underside of the band. The setting is 14k solid gold. It's hallmarked with the brand name, the county name and the gold content. This ring is brand new, with tags. It comes in a size 7. It comes in a pretty ring box and it will include the the Zultanite® Authenticity Guarantee as well as a handy Zultanite® quick guide. This item has been photographed in full spectrum lighting only. If you would like additional photos in different lights (daylight, incandescent) please don't hesitate to contact us.

Zultanite® is a naturally precious, color changing and trademarked gemstone that is beautiful, rare, always natural and ethically mined. Zultanite®’s beguiling color palette, combined with an exotic pedigree, has made it a favorite among jewelry connoisseurs around the globe.

Zultanite® is the ultimate color chameleon. The unique beauty of Zultanite® lies in it's contrasting colors, which range from kiwi greens with flashes of canary yellow under sunny skies to rich champagnes in traditional indoor lighting and raspberry hues in candlelight. With 90% of all standard gemstones being only red, green or blue, Zultanite® stands out as a unique and limitless alternative.

And, it's RARE. How Rare is it? Zultanite® is only found in one place in the world. Zultanite® is mined in Turkey’s Anatolian Mountains at a remote location 4,000 feet above sea level. As a single mine gemstone, Zultanite®’s genuine rarity is undeniable.

All of our Zultanite® loose gems come with an Authenticity Guarantee from Zultgems, the authorized distributor of Zultanite gemstones. The Zultanite® Authenticity Guarantee is a plastic card with an embedded hologram that verifies each genuine Zultanite® to be of entirely natural origin, ethically mined with environmentally safe techniques and never enhanced. The Zultanite® Authenticity Guarantee also includes vital statistics, origin and care information.

Additional information can be found on Zultgems website at Zultgems.com or at Zultanite.com. From the website you will be able to see that JMLINC is the only authorized seller of natural Zultanite® on Etsy!

Your gem will arrive well packaged in a gemstone display container via Priority Mail. We have many other gems available so if you don't see your shape and size listed, please message us.


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